my favorite cruelty-free winter coats.

Well, this week is short and thank goodness because I’ve come down with a slight cold. I guess traveling to Minnesota where it was -12 degrees without the wind chill got the best of me. Luckily Chicago has been a balmy single digit heat wave all week. I’m just glad I’ve got this cruelty-free winter coat to keep me warm all winter long!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to be a little more thoughtful when it comes to my purchases. I’m working on a vegetarian diet (more on that to come) and am avoiding products that use animal products. Of course the shopper in me is a bit challenged, but there are plenty of options out there as long as I’m willing to search for them. So when it came time to replace my old winter coat, I did a fair amount of research and what I found, was that unfortunately, a lot of coats contain down feathers.

Down feathers are feathers that are found on the neck of waterfowl that are soft, fluffy, and known for their warm qualities. Down is generally found in furniture, bedding, and most coats. In theory, these feathers are plucked from a bird after it has been slaughtered for its meat. Unfortunately, “live plucking” is still a thing and it’s as nasty as it sounds. This practice has been outlawed in most of Europe and the US, but China, which produces 80% of down, still allows it.

Recently, PETA did an expose on down farms in China and found live-plucking present at many of the farms they visited. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling whether the feathers in your down filled item are live-plucked or not. So when it came time to buy a new winter coat, I knew I wanted to skip the down all together.

Now, I am the first to admit this lifestyle is fairly new to me. I have a couch full of down and the comfiest pillows stuffed with feathers, but I’m trying to make choices that are more in line with my values. It’s a constant learning curve but fun to discover new brands that are doing awesome things. So today, I’m sharing with you my favorite cruelty-free coats below – sure to keep you warm and guilt-free all winter long!

Hoodlamb – Obviously I can speak first-hand on this coat as it’s quite possibly my most favorite coat ever. I found it through a recommendation from my good friend Sararose and finally got one for Christmas. This company is one of my favorites because they not only use all natural, sustainable materials, they also give back to conservation efforts. I have their Nordic Parka and I can’t recommend it enough. It kept me nice and toasty in the -12 degree Minnesota weather!

Wully – Probably the biggest name in the cruelty-free coat game, Wully is a cult favorite for obvious reasons. It’s a vegan coat produced in Canada so you know the that the coat can hold up in even the harshest climate conditions. The coolest part is they tell you how your purchased impacts animal welfare and the climate with each item purchased. My favorite coat of theirs is the Doe Parka.

Noize – Another Canadian company, Noize is a PETA-approved outerwear company that produces everything Cruelty-Free. Using faux fur and vegan leather, Noize certainly brings a bit more haute couture to the outerwear game. Their coats are also slightly more affordable which is awesome for people looking to get in on the cruelty-free movement. I’m loving their Charlie Jacket.

Save the Duck – If the name alone doesn’t have you sold, consider the fact that this company has gone above and beyond by creating their own proprietary down-alternative called Plumtech. This material imitates down but it lighter and more breathable, allowing for the best of both worlds. I really love this jacket in for winter.

Vaute – When a company specifically names your city as a place this coat will flourish, you know it’s legit. Chicago is known for its brutal winters and Vaute makes sure you stay warm in style. Slightly on the higher end of the budget, these coats are all gorgeous. I really enjoy the Snow Monster and pretty sure I’d never change out of it.

There are of course plenty of other companies who are trying to stay cruelty-free in the outerwear game. Some companies have certify their down as Responsible Down Standard, meaning down that was sourced ethically. If you’re curious how your current coat company stacks up in the cruelty-free game, you can check out this handy ranking system by Four Paws.

There’s a lot to learn in the world of cruelty-free products. Food, fashion, and beauty are areas I am trying to make more conscious decisions. So cheers to the start of the New Year and all the new adventures we have in store.


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As I talked about above, this Hoodlamb coat is keeping me nice and toasty in this freezing weather. I’m also wearing my sorel boots that I’ve had forever. Shop the look below!



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4 thoughts on “my favorite cruelty-free winter coats.”

  1. Hey. I love your site. Love that you are educating people on the cruelty of down and how those poor birds are tortured. Love that you are also showcasing rescue dogs available for adoption. Thank you for doing all this and I hope you keep doing it. Wishing you the best.

    1. Hi Tahmina, thank you so much for your kind words! I so appreciate you taking the time to read this post and the support. It was such an eye-opening post to write, it’s such a cruel industry. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I’m about to experience my first New England winter and I am worried about the length of the coat being an issue. Does the coat you’re wearing in the pictures keep your legs warm enough? If not, any tips on layering? Thank you so much!

    1. Hey! I hope you’re excited for your first real winter 🙂 Chicago and New England have some fun winters that’s for sure! I had a long North Face for a long time but to be honest, I’ve felt like this coat has kept me warmer overall. I would definitely recommend some high boots (Sorel has great ones!) If I’m outdoors for longer periods of time (for football games or activities) I wear a pair of leggings under my jeans. I hope this helps! I am born and raised Chicago so I’m used to cold winter weather, but if you’re worried – go with a long coat! Thanks for reading and the kind words! Christine

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