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Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the Help Hurricane Harvey Hounds Fundraiser! If you haven’t already, please consider donating, even if only a small amount, your money will make a difference in the lives of so many animals. Bonus: You have a chance to win a $50 gift card to either Raise or Sararose, so it’s a win/win for everyone (two or four-legged). For all the details, check out this blog post. Thank you again for all your donations and support!

When I started blogging about fashion, I knew immediately the impact it would have on the environment. Fast fashion, while fun and exciting, has a negative impact on our precious little world. So when Luxury Garage Sale asked if I wanted to collaborate, I jumped at the chance to learn all about consignment and its advantages.

Full disclosure: I have never really had the patience for secondhand shopping. It seemed tedious and time consuming to comb through items piece by piece. My cousin is actually a phenomenal thrift shopper and always looks so fresh and I’m infinitely jealous of people who know how to find pieces at secondhand stores. It is for sure an art that I admire.

Luckily, the ladies at LGS were there to help ease me into the process. I live very close to their Old Town location (there are currently two other stores in Chicago, and one each in Dallas, Minneapoli.s and Seattle) but I had yet to wander in to shop. I was intimidated by the idea of secondhand shopping and by designer labels I’ve only admired in glossy magazines.

Rescue Dog Anti-Cruelty Pit Bull Mix

When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by how  bright the store felt and how easy it was to navigate their items. For the most part, items are organized by color and style. I browsed the store picking items as I went and fully overloaded my dressing room. Additionally, Diana, the most stylish Brand Specialist, pulled pieces ahead so I wasn’t completely lost. I scooped up four amazing outfits. My experience at LGS was amazing and I will most certainly be back to purchase some staple pieces.

I’m by no means a consignment expert but I did pick up a few tricks to be a savvy consignment shopper the next time around that I thought I’d share here:

  • Try on everything – I employed this technique and I was so happy I did. Sizes differ from designer to designer and since there’s usually only one size available, grab it. Usually what’s on their floor is what they have so don’t hesitate snagging any item off the rack, you can filter later. True story, I loved an Alexander McQueen bag and wanted to look at it after I was done trying on clothes, but alas while I was trying things on, the bag had been purchased. Lesson learned.
  • Look for staples – While shopping, I thought of it as an investment into a piece I could hold onto for a lifetime vs. something I’d wear a handful of times. They have amazing blouses, sweaters, and dresses that could easily be paired with trendier pieces to keep things fresh but classic. I’m still regretting not purchasing that blazer that would never go out of style.
  • Know what can be tailored – Since stores like LGS usually only have the item in one size, know what you can and cannot fix. Things like hemming, shortening sleeves, adding a zipper or button are all pretty easy and standard. Sadly, if something is too short or too tight, it can be expensive or impossible to change. Don’t be afraid to buy something and take it to your tailor for that perfect fit.
  • Be nice to the employees – This should go without saying but a little bit of kindness can go a long way. I was able to work through so many outfits with Diana’s help and she was more than willing to grab me pieces she thought would work. Additionally, if you are just nice enough, sales associates can let you know if the item you’ve been dying to buy comes through their doors.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be shopping at Luxury Garage Sale again. Not only did I love the items but I am super into doing my part to help the environment. If you are looking for other alternatives with a low carbon footprint, check out the Rent the Runway Unlimited monthly membership or locally based Designer Share program.

Before I get into these two pups, please consider fostering a dog or cat. The Anti-Cruelty Society brought 150 animals from the Houston area to their shelter and are in dire need of large dog fosters. I am dying to foster but will be going out of the country next week so if you can, you will be my hero forever. PAWS, Magnificent Mutts, and South Suburban Humane Society also brought in dogs from Texas and would benefit greatly from fosters.

Okay, so if you also want to help clear room for more dogs, take a peek at Oakley. He’s a large Pit Bull mix with lots of energy and love to give. He would do well in an experienced home due to his size and strength. I couldn’t get enough of his smiles and waggly tail.

The second little man is Rocky and he has happily found his forever home, yay Rocky! His pint sized body encapsulated a larger-than-life personality and it’s no wonder he has been adopted.


Okay, so remember how I said Diana had an eye for everything? She picked out this dress and I was obsessed. I pretty much love anything Vilshenko and this dress was no exception. I paired it here with boots for that perfect fall transition. PS: anyone who says you can’t wear white after labor day is lying.

The second look is something I would totally wear for a night out with my girls. It might be hard to see, but this piece from Tomas Maier is actually a skort. I love the length and zipper details of the shorts and couldn’t pass up pairing them with these OTK boots and turtle neck. Hello, fall.

Shop the LGS pieces above and accessory items below.


Pawssip Girl
Rescue Dog Anti-Cruelty Pit Bull Mix
Rescue Dog Cockapoo
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