why you need to get outside your comfort zone.

Is everyone still recovering from Thanksgiving and all the festivities? I sure am. Ate too many mashed potatoes and regretting all the wine but such is life. I was very comfortable all weekend. Lounging in sweats, watching football, and catching up on all things blog. It’s safe to say I was in my comfort zone.

According to Lifehacker, a comfort zone is a mental space that we feel calm, secure and safe. There is little to no stress, anxiety or worry. We, as humans love that. The problem? That type of environment is not conducive to learning and growing. Along this journey, there have been plenty of times I’ve been far outside the box I generally like to stay inside. Even something as simple as working with a new shelter gets me all anxious wondering if I’ll be what they were expecting.

What comforts me in this though is the science behind feeling uncomfortable. When our anxiety/stress levels are slightly raised, we preform better. When I decided to rebrand from The Rescue Runway, I cried several times and may or may not have thrown a temper tantrum while trying to understand how WordPress works. But here’s the cool thing, trying something new has given me the confidence to continue testing my abilities.

After pushing myself, I felt so much more creative and accomplished. This isn’t uncommon, in fact, creativity happens when you challenge yourself. I had all these new ideas of what I wanted this site to be and how I wanted people to interact with it. I’m excited for where Rescue in Style is heading.

While I have a degree in psychology, I’m far from a psychologist, but I can research the hell out of something. So, want to push outside of your comfort zones? Here’s how to do it, and succeed.

Start small – If you’re terrified of the ocean (hey, hi, hello) don’t go jumping off into shark-infested waters. While a little anxiety is good for performance, too much is… not. Instead, take baby steps towards your goals. I’m still working on wading knee deep in the ocean water. By breaking down large goals into smaller, more manageable ones, we are able to work in our prime stress level state.

Change up daily routines – We’re familiar with many things in our lives. Our Starbucks order, (a tall peach tranquility tea, please) our commute home, our workout routines, etc. But say I try a different route back to my apartment and I pass a beautiful place to photograph. By changing up small things, we can comfortable with being uncomfortable and maybe even discover new favorites.

Worst case scenario – I use this strategy far too often, but it really helps. I talk myself through the challenges I’m currently facing and think about the worst that could happen. Let’s say I’m going to a networking event by myself and I’m nervous nobody will talk to me. Well, okay, so what? I look like a loser girl in the corner? Spoiler alert: been there done that and I survived. This type of thinking helps rationalize fears and helps us to reach our goals that may seem unattainable.

I will always consider the Anti-Cruelty Society my comfort zone. Here’s the funny thing about comfortable spaces though, they’re generally not that way at first. I still remember dragging my friend to take photos of me and feeling like a total weirdo dressed up at the shelter. People stared while I walked dogs around the atrium and posed for photos. They still stare, but I’ve learned to feel comfortable with it.

So tell me, when was the last time you got outside your comfort zone? What was the result and what did you learn? Let me know in the comments below!


I’ve got two adorable pups for you today and both have already found their forever homes!

Rocky – This little man is just the snuggliest thing ever. While he has all four legs, he was convinced that he needed to be carried and held. If you’re looking for a pup like Rocky, check out Prince.

The second pup is Harley and to be honest, I considered taking him home with me. He is such a good boy and extremely well trained. It’s no wonder he found his forever home quickly! If you looking for a man like Harley, check out Sally.


It was time to add some fun to my wardrobe and I’ve been swooning over this skirt since I bought it. It’s velvet texture and bright color was the perfect pick-me-up to the dreary days. I’ve paired it with this camisole that I’m looking forward to wearing several different ways so stay tuned. This studded moto jacket was the perfect edge to an otherwise flirty outfit. Shop the look below!



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