how chicago Roo crew is helping an animal you didn’t know needed it.

I’ve re-written this introductory paragraph six times now. Each revision I find myself unable to explain just how excited I am to write again. But first, I wanted to share that I’ve been a bit absent from writing because I’ve got a few things that I’m working through. In some sad news, I lost my foster kitten last week and it was devastating. I’m happy I could give him so much love while he was here with us. It’s always heartbreaking to lose a foster and this is no different. In better news, I’ve started my new job with The Catcade and I’m so thrilled to be working there. I feel extremely lucky to be working and learning alongside such an incredible organization. More to come on my new job later 🙂

So, now that we’re all caught up to why it’s taken me so long to write this post, I’m delighted to share with you my latest Rescue in Style adventure. If you couldn’t guess by the main picture, we’re going to continue our exploration of animals in rescue beyond canines and felines.

The third most helped species at CACC

Obviously, as a volunteer at Chicago Animal Care & Control, I meet my fair share of dogs and cats. I bet you’d be surprised by the fact that the third most common animal I meet is of the feathered variety. That’s right, birds, and in particular, chickens, are super common at our city shelter. Almost 250 “other” animals came into CACC in 2020. I would venture to guess that a good majority of these “other” animals are chickens.

After a few email exchanges, I found my introduction to chicken rescue through Julia Magnus, a volunteer with Chicago Roo Crew. Chicago Roo Crew is a network of chicken enthusiasts that work together to networks hens and roosters out of the shelter and into foster and adoptive homes. They provide community support and help when stray chickens are found by members of the public.

My chicken misconceptions

Julia and I chatted a few times at CACC and through emails before she connected me with Natalie Quist. Natalie has a mircosanctuary at her Logan Square home. When I arrived, I honestly wasn’t sure we were at the right place, after all, it was so quiet. Wouldn’t a backyard full of chickens and a rooster make a raucous that it would be easy to find the house immediately? As I was about to find out, that was just one of the (many) misconceptions people had about chickens.

Natalie’s microsanctuary included two rescue birds, a sweet hen named Evelyn and a beautiful tiny rooster aptly named Gaston. Immediately, I realized my second misconception about birds, they have very real and very large personalities. Gaston is a gentle yet cocky (the pun is intentional and itworks so well here) little dude who shows off for any lady that will give him attention. He is easy to handle and doesn’t mind being held. He has even been known to enjoy a good Netflix night with his parents.

Evelyn is a little more bashful and adventurous. While I was enjoying my time with Gaston, she had wandered off to help herself to her mom’s herb garden. I found myself giggling as I watched the flock of chickens wander around the yard. They were so fun and intriguing to watch, I could have stayed for hours.

How you can help Roo Crew

Unfortunately, Chicago Roo Crew has become extremely busy over the past few years. I say unfortunately because it means that a lot of chickens are in need of help. In 2019, they were instrumental in helping with placing more than 100 chickens into homes across the country after a cockfighting bust in Chicago. Their experience has proven vital in helping birds across the city.

Of course, caring for the birds in their care comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully they have a wonderful partnership with Niles Animal Hospital which specializes in exotic pets. Even with the partnership, they are in desperate need of funds to continue helping birds. You can support their efforts by contributing to their current GoFundMe.

All in all, I’m now obsessed with chickens and am very much working on convincing the husband to start our very own microsanctuary. A huge thank you to Chicago Roo Crew for having me out, I enjoyed every minute of it!


Gaston and Evelyn already have their forever home but you can see all the adoptable chickens here.


I bought this top while on vacation in Saugatuck but you can find it here. My shorts are vintage from my favorite The Shudio. Obviously, paired it all with my favorite Bhava boots that are featured in at least 75% of my posts 🙂


All photography by Adventure Satos.

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