Chi Town Pitties helping our city dogs with intention

Oh man are my foster kittens growing up quickly! It’s only been a week and yet they’ve grown so much. They’re running around and getting all sorts of wild. I forgot how much I love having kittens in our home. I’ll share them all with you soon, but I wanted to talk about a new rescue today!

As you’ve seen, I recently worked with a new rescue called Chi-Town Pitties. As their name suggests, they’re an organization dedicated to helping pit bull type dogs in the Chicagoland area. When I met with them, I met five of their current adoptable dogs. Each one was absolutely perfect in their own way.

Chi-Town Pitties was founded in November of 2016. The organization is completely foster-based meaning there is no facility to house their dogs. They have 31 active foster homes caring for dogs while they find their forever home. This year, Chi-Town Pitties has placed nine dogs into loving homes. Since their inception, they’ve adopted out 107 dogs in their forever homes.

In Chicago, and every city, there are a lot of pitties in need of homes. So what makes Chi-Town Pitties special? I think it’s their educated and logical approach to rescue. Take a quick peek at their website and you’ll find a it’s chock full of information about pitties and other resources.

Furthermore, their adoptable dogs page has so many details for each dog. They go above and beyond to give potential adopters as much information as possible about a dog. Something that stuck out at me is that dogs simply aren’t “dog-friendly” or “only-dog” rather, they’re also labeled “dog-selective” which to me, makes a ton of sense.

Something I’ve learned lately is that just because a dog is labeled “dog-friendly” doesn’t mean that they get along with every dog. Often times, it sets the dog up for failure if someone expects the dog can live with or socialize with any dog that crosses its path. Like humans, we don’t necessarily like everyone we meet, but most of us consider ourselves “people-friendly,” at least on most days.

I think the majority of dogs should be considered “dog-selective” and I truly believe dog introductions should be slow. Both the resident dog and the new dog will be much happier that way. I mean, If some stranger moved into your house, started eating your food, and slept on your furniture, you’d likely be annoyed too. Slow (very slow) intros are always best to ensure you set up a dog for success.

If this sounds slightly familiar, it’s because I wrote about the Two-Week Shutdown. It’s the golden rule for foster/adoptions. Funny enough, Chi-Town Pitties also encourages the golden rule. You can read all about the Two-Week Shutdown on their website as well.

When Chi-Town Pitties reached out to me, I was eager to learn more about them. I’ve found that they really take their time finding the perfect fit for their adoptable dogs. To them, it’s not about numbers but about finding each dog the right home.

A huge thank you to Chi-Town Pitties for letting me meet all their cutest dogs.


Dolly – This sweet senior has been with Chi-Town Pitties for a while. She’s selective with other dogs but with a slow intro (!!) would be okay with another dog sibling. She’s good with kids and knows all her basic commands. Dolly would love a quieter home with people who are around most of the day to keep her company. For more information about Dolly, click here.

Aria – If you’re looking for a dog that’s dog, kid, and people friendly, here’s your girl! Aria came into CACC emaciated and full of fleas. Now, this girl is living in a foster home with chihuahuas and dogs bigger than she is and she’s doing great. She’s easy to walk on leash and she’s just an all around love bug. For more information on Aria, click here.

Raindrop – Well, if you want an easy going gal, look no further. Raindrop is chill, likes other dogs and kids, and is pretty much perfect. She’s about eight-years-old and was previously used as a breeding machine. Now, she just wants to enjoy life on a bed or couch, if you’ve got one for her, she’ll love you forever. For all Raindrop’s details, click here.


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All photos: Mandy Dempsey

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