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Last week’s post was a doozy. There’s really no other way to put it. It was hard to write and even harder to research. But, raising awareness for animal-related causes is sort of what this whole thing is about, so while it was tough, it was necessary.

A huge shout out to Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption for everything they are doing for the breed, please continue the fight!

Okay, so I told you all about the horror the Galgo faces, but I didn’t take the time to share just how interesting these animals are. Before working with them, I had never heard of a Galgo, let alone play and interact with one. And I know I say this about every breed now, but I really did fall in love with their quirks and personalities and would definitely consider adopting one of my own in the future.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 characteristics of Galgos and why you should (maybe, definitely) adopt one.

Galgo Rescue*Please note: each dog is different and these qualities are based on the overall breed and does not guarantee each dog has these traits.*


1. They are not Greyhounds – I’m not meaning for this to be a positive, I just thought it was interesting to learn that despite their similar appearance, they are not closely related to the English or Irish Greyhounds. Galgos are a bit smaller, have flatter muscles and are meant for long distance running.

2. Jogging buddies – If you want a dog that will happily run for miles alongside you, the Galgo is one of the best dogs for the job. They are raised and trained for long-distance running so these guys won’t be afraid to help you with your marathon training.

3. Calm – When you have 12 dogs together for a meet and greet, you might think things would get hectic quickly. Not the case for these guys. They were comfortable and easy going the whole event, as they are known for their laid-back nature.

4. Affectionate – When I knelt down to kiss one dog, I would immediately be swarmed by ten more wet noses. It was a puppy pile and I didn’t hate it. They’re known to be affectionate with family members so if you want a dog that offers kisses, here’s your perfect match.

5. Lazy – Galgos absolutely need their exercise (two long walks a day) but once they’ve been out and about, they’re happy to curl up and fall asleep. They sleep for up to 18 hours a day, so they’ll be down to binge watch the latest TV series with you (anyone watching The Sinner??).

6. Quiet – Like the Greyhound, the Galgo doesn’t tend to bark much. They can be alert barkers but in general, these guys will be polite and keep the home quiet.

7. Good with Children – For the most part, this breed is very tolerable and gentle with kids. They make a great choice for families because they have good manners and rarely jump up on or knock over children.

8. Pet-friendly – Galgos are generally raised with many other Galgos so they enjoy the company of another dog. In fact, having another pup around can make them even calmer. They also have a reputation for being cat-friendly which is a definite plus for me!

9. Low maintenance cleaning- While they come in two types, wire-haired and flat-coated, both are easy to brush and keep clean. Combine that with a nail trim and ear cleaning every few weeks and you’re covered. No high cost grooming here!

10. Inquisitive – So this might not be a totally positive trait, but this breed is smart and agile, so you better have a sense of humor when you adopt one. They can jump over a four-foot fence to see what’s on the other side, or make themselves at home on your kitchen counters to snatch up dinner. But with consistent and positive training (and a bit of food motivation), you’ll be able to train your Galgo to remain on the floors.

It was an absolute blast learning about the Galgo firsthand and from people who are doing inspiring work to help save them. If you’d like to meet some incredible Galgos yourself, be sure to check out their upcoming meet and greets:

Sept 16 – Happy Dog Barkery – 5118 Main St
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515. From 11-2pm

Sept 17 – Dog-Tober Fest – 11419 S Il Route 47
Huntley, Illinois 60142. From 12-4pm

Sept 24 – McBark Dog Park Adoption Event – 2500 N Richmond Rd
McHenry, Illinois 60050. 11-2pm

Thank you again to Love, Hope, Believe Galgo Adoption for all they are doing. To help support their efforts of saving more dogs from Spain, click here.


The last two Galgos I had the pleasure of meeting were Jamon and Talia and they were both sort of my favorite.

If you didn’t believe me on #4 above, see Jamon below for proof of just how affectionate these dogs are. Jamon is a cat-safe, outgoing man who would love to cuddle up with you and give you lots of kisses. He is extremely receptive and loves people and would make a great addition to almost any home.

Galgo Rescue

Oh Talia, I knew you would be quick to find your forever home! This sweet girl has found her happy ending and I’m not even surprised. Congrats Talia!


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