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breed spotlight: english bulldog.

Before I begin this awesome post, I wanted to take a quick minute to draw attention to the animals of Hurricane Harvey. If you’d like to help, contact friends/family in the Houston and Corpus Christi area and encourage them to reach out to their local shelter. You can personally make an impact by donating to the Humane Society or Austin Pets Alive. Thank you in advance for your donation, my thoughts and prayers are with all of those in Texas.

Now, onto something equal parts fun and funny… English Bulldogs. My husband and I always wanted an English Bulldog, mainly because they seemed like a big dog trapped in a small and somewhat uncoordinated body. Their waddle and snorts are comic relief in any situation and I’m a sucker for their smiles.

When the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) reached out to me, I immediately jumped at the chance to learn more about the breed and the organization rescuing them. A volunteer-only rescue, CEBR has been existence for 10 years and has helped adopt more than 800 bullies. They are based in Chicago but actually work throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. It’s a powerful network working together to save lives of bulldogs everywhere.

CEBR is a foster-based program so each dog that comes into the rescue is placed in a home until it can be adopted. This not only eliminates the cost of a shelter but also greatly benefits the dogs. While a few of their dogs come from owner surrenders and other shelters, some of their dogs come to them via breeding facilities where they don’t live indoors. So often, it’s up to the wonderful fosters to introduce them to stairs, potty-training, leashes, food bowls and fresh water.

The work this group does is absolutely remarkable. They invest an incredible amount of time and energy (and money) into these dogs and their love shows. Both the dogs I got to shoot with were incredibly sweet and goofy, and yes, slightly stubborn. I am more in love with this breed now than before so without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should consider adopting a bulldog yourself.

Keep in mind every dog is different and the following characteristics apply to the breed in general and not a guarantee each dog possesses these traits.

1. Relatively quiet – While you may hear wheezing, snoring and a bit of flatulence (part of their charm), you won’t find barking commonly in this breed. Your neighbors will thank you.

2. Easy coat – Their short, fine hair doesn’t need much grooming and with their love for baths, they’re an easy dog to keep clean.

3. Low activity level – If snoozing all day sounds like your kind of paradise, you’ve met your match. Bulldogs love to sleep and don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. Two short walks a day will do it.

4. Kid-friendly – This breed is famous for its patience and gentle nature towards their tiny human siblings. They make great companions for children.

5. Cool weather enthusiasts – Not sure if this is technically a characteristic, but for people like me who enjoy avoiding hot weather, this dog is for you. Bulldogs are prone to overheating so staying indoors during the summer months is encouraged.

6. Apartment friendly – These dogs are just as happy in an apartment as they are in a house with a yard. They don’t need much room making them ideal for small quarters.

7. Loyal – Perhaps one of their more prominent traits, English Bulldogs are extremely loyal to their owners and family. Generally, wherever you are, they will follow.

8. Affectionate – They’ll go where you go and sleep where you sleep because they love being with you. They may be pushing 60 lbs, but they’ll always consider themselves a lapdog.

9. Guard dogs – While they aren’t known for aggression or barking, they certainly protect their family. Their loyalty and close bond to their owners make them great guard dogs.

10. Goofy – Maybe not the most scientifically based characteristic but if you’ve met an English Bulldog you’ll totally agree. Between their underbite, wrinkles, and stubbornness, these dogs will always make light of any situation.

As you can see, English Bulldogs are kinda great. Something to note is that they do tend to have health issues due to the way they’ve been bred for so long, but I haven’t met any bully owner who isn’t willing to pay the price for these wonderful creatures.

It was an absolute pleasure to hangout out with these pups and I am so thankful for all that CEBR does for the breed. To help cover the medical costs of their rescues (and trust me, they’re steep) please consider donating to their organization here.


Okay, prepare yourself for all the cuteness because these two pups were nothing but (literal) joy.

Joy is a sweet girl about four years old and is as pleasant as her name describes her. Her past as a puppy mill breeding dog hasn’t slowed this girl down. She is both dog and cat-friendly and would do great in a home with another playful pup. Joy loves giving kisses and cuddles and is a fast learner.

English Bulldog Rescue

The second handsome fella is PSY and he is a trooper. He came into CEBR hardly able to breathe and required emergency surgery including a tracheostomy which has since been removed. He’s recovering beautifully and is ready to enjoy his new lease on life. He’s playful, sweet and all about the good life now that he’s got one. For more information about PSY, click here.

One note about CEBR is that if you are interested in adopting a bully, you simply fill out an application and they match you to a dog that would do well with you. The fosters know these dogs so well and know exactly what sort of home they’ll thrive in.


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Pawssip Girl
\ English Bulldog Rescue
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7 thoughts on “breed spotlight: english bulldog.”

    1. Hi Sandie – I recommend checking out Chicago English Bulldog Rescue if you in/around Chicago. They have some great dogs and would be able to fit you with a dog that is cat friendly 🙂

  1. I try did to adopt from cebr .they just say no.sorryyou are out of area, you need to have a greater area.so more can adopt. I my have to now buy from a breeder so I can get one .that seems to be the only way to get one because the bully rescues are out of my area….

  2. Rebecca Thompson

    I have been looking for months for an English bulldog but cant find one close to home. Every rescue I’ve been in touch with wont adopt out to Pa. because it’s too far away. Any ideas where I can get one?

    1. Hi there! Have you checked Petfinder.com? You can select the breed and filter for location! Hope that helps!

  3. I want to be in the loop for adoptable english Bulldogs in my area if available. I am in no rush. Thinking around next year I should be ready to adopt a Male English bulldog.

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