bloopers part three

Good morning! I’m still the proud (temporary) parent of 11 animals, a number that for sure makes me certifiably insane. But, it’s been a lot of fun watching these little munchkins grow. In just a week they’ve become even more social and outgoing. I’ll be filling you in soon, but you can see all the fun on my Instagram stories. Speaking of fun, every so often I share my blogging blooper photos from my photoshoots. It’s not only hilarious but keeps me oh-so-humble.

I also really want to stress the fact that you only see what people decide to put on social media. Out of the 200-300 photos we take at each shoot, I’m only posting a handful. It’s important to remind ourselves that social media (and blogs!) are curated and life isn’t always picture perfect. It can be easy to forget that so I enjoy doing these posts every couple of months to bring some real life into social media.

My photographer, Margaret Rajic, and I always laugh about these photos. She is sure to send me a few that I know will make me cringe and laugh out loud. So, here is the latest batch of photos that are sure to make you giggle. Enjoy.

The bloopers:

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