Bloopers… part seven

Well, I needed a lighter, funny post to share today because I’m pretty infuriated right now. If you haven’t seen my Facebook or Instagram, I’m trying to foster a Hawaiian cat. Sadly, the Aulani resort is not being cooperative or working with local TNR volunteers. You’ll find all the details about what’s happening here

Please take a second to sign this petition (bonus points if you can share it!!) I’m trying to collect as many signatures as possible to present to the resort and try to find a solution. Some of you know that Disneyland has a wonderful working cat program. I’d love to help create a program like that at the Aulani Resort as well! In the meantime, I’m trying to help as many cats there as I can.  

So, here are some wonderful outtakes that we can all laugh at because I could use a good laugh. 

For my blog anniversary shoot with K9 4 Keeps, I brought the dogs pupcakes. The looked so good, I couldn’t resist trying one. Big mistake. Alpine loved it though and he’s available for adoption!

And lastly… I present to you a series of its own, because Linus deserves his own Bloopers reel… Linus is available for adoption through One Tail at a Time.


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