Bloopers part four

After last week’s events, I think we could all use some laughs. These outtakes posts are some of my favorite and I figured it was a good time to share a new one. I’ve posted bloopers ever since I started this blog as a way to show all the sides of Instagram and, of course, because they’re hilarious. You can see posts one, two, and three for more absolutely awful pics should you be so inclined.

Bloopers posts also remind me how much I’ve done over the past few months. The different organizations I’ve worked with and the amazing memories I’ve created. It’s fun to look back and remember each animal and the moments I’ve shared with them.

So without further ado, here are my favorite bloopers from the past six months…

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4 thoughts on “Bloopers part four”

  1. OMG these are too cute!! All of these pups are so cute, but I’m loving Dennis and Samantha (her little grey face <3) – why are dogs SO amazing?!?

    1. Girl, IDK how we got so lucky that to deserve these precious babies. Samantha was definitely one of my favorites, such a sweetie pie. And little Dennis is basically everyone’s BFF.

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