Bloopers part five

Well, we have another Greyhound in our apartment for the week so you can imagine how much ridiculousness is taking place. His name is Vader and he has an adoption pending. Before Greyhounds are officially adopted, they go into a foster home for a week to learn how to be a dog. Wish us luck because I’m not quite sure Rawlings is the best role model. Cheese is probably more of a dog than she is. Told you, lots of ridiculousness over here. 

Speaking of, I’ve had a hell of a week so far, so, to lift my spirits and yours, I figured we could laugh at my ego’s expense. Sound fun? I thought so. In all reality though, Instagram is only a small glimpse into my life, and it’s only what I want you to see. My blog and Instagram are full of the photos I think I like halfway decent in, but let me assure you, there are plenty of photos that nobody should see. Which is why I publish them. 

So, enjoy and remember, Instagram is not reality. 


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2 thoughts on “Bloopers part five”

  1. Omg I love these, I think they’re so sweet and silly. The photo of Ritz’ tongue is so perfect ? and all of those puppy shots… come on!! ?

    1. It’s so fun to look through them and laugh at all the absolutely terribly pictures. Ah man, gotta keep it real over here. And humble… ha!

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