Tips for Cats

no kitten more around.

Coming at ya from Michigan on this beautiful Friday morning. I feel like I’ve been “coming at ya” from a different city/state/country every week for the last two months. I’ve got one more trip after this in November and then I’m hibernating. I’ve actually got a lot of great stuff coming to the blog and …

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are you ready for it.

Before I begin this post, I wanted to send my heartfelt sympathies to the wonderful people of Vegas. We all have stories and memories of this city and this senseless act of violence is not okay. To find ways you can help, you can visit this link. It’s hard to come back from things like …

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Foster Kittens

life’s big little updates.

Aaand back to reality. It’s a Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. So far from the weekend and not quite as refreshed as you were on Monday. But, we persevere. This post is a little different because I wanted to write a part 2 of sorts. If you read this post about the pet food industry, you’ll …

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kibbles and bits of everything.

Splendid Friday to ya! (Is that better than my token Happy Friday? Unclear…) This week felt quick to me, though no less painful than normal. It seems I have a never ending to-do list and my mind is constantly flooded with things to check off. No matter, just going to keep dancing, right? When we …

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