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back at the CatCade.

Well, I’m still singing “It’s a Small World” and pointing my wand at objects hoping I have undiscovered wizarding abilities, but alas, it’s back to reality. But that’s okay because here, reality is cats and dogs and that’s all a dream to me. One of the common themes during my recent trip to Orlando and …

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The CateCade Chicago

where the cool cats hang out.

You know when you had just the best weekend and cherished every moment of it? Yeah, currently how I’m still feeling on this Tuesday morning. Weekends are usually full of commitments, but every once in a while, you’re gifted a weekend without plans. These weekends you get to do what you want to do (what …

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you’ve gotta be kitten me.

So much has happened, where even to start? February is already short, but throw in three family birthdays, valentine’s day and some foster kittens and it’s all a blur. With the dog flu and everything going on, it’s tough getting out to the shelters. Lucky enough, the shelter has come to me! I’ve (temporarily) adopted three …

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