bds senioritis – a double whammy

In my senior moments post, I wrote about how I’ve developed what I like to now call, AARP habits. Avoiding plans, binge watching tv shows (low key I could re-watch SVU all day #sexystabler) and hanging out with our foster kittens is sort of my new happy place and one that I’m almost proud of.


This weekend was madness, and I’m not talking about the NCAA (although my bracket is looking decent still…knock on wood…) between Saint Patrick’s Day, engagement celebrations for my brother, a visit to the Anti-Cruelty Society with fellow Chicago blogger WayfaringRachel, and catching up with old coworkers, it was a whirlwind weekend.


I even snuck time in to see Beauty & the Beast and was absolutely blown away. Something I don’t talk about a lot on this blog is my life outside of animals. I am currently the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Chicago Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women. Feminism is also sort of my thing (as it should be everybody’s…) so not only was I excited to see the movie, I was eager to support the #HeForShe ambassador in her latest work.


This weekend was a change of pace, but I found myself laughing (and crying thanks to Beauty & the Beast) all the way. It was, all in all, a great weekend with so many great people. It was the best kind of weekend because it was a little bit of everything, yes, even my AARP moments.


The Rescue

I’m extremely excited to share more moments from my collaboration with Rachel, but this post is all about a certain senior black pup, Coco.


While I try to remain judgment free, it takes a lot of self-control to not blame the people who are responsible for their dogs ending up at a shelter. I never know the situation or how an animal has ended up in the care of the ACS (or any shelter), so I try to distract myself with the positives. I know they will be going to a better home, whatever that may look like, to someone who absolutely adores them. I know that whoever brings a senior dog home, has the biggest heart of them all, and I know the animal will be forever grateful to their new owner for giving them a second chance at the rest of their life.


Coco is a retriever mix and is crazy athletic for her age (she may or may not have jumped a 4-foot wall to pee on some grass…) and is a quiet but inquisitive girl. She is shy at first but is quick to warm up once she trusts you. She has been at the ACS since January 20 and is patiently waiting for someone to bring her to her forever home.



The Runway

With yesterday being the first day of spring, I thought it was appropriate to wear a dress (never mind this dress is wool and turtleneck). I guess this dress is technically more fall than spring, butttt the weather is still debatable so we will go with it. I picked this dress up at Nordstrom last year but found a similar (cuter??) one at French Connection. I paired it with a jean jacket, booties, and a wide-brimmed hat to make me feel as though spring has sprung Chicago style.




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