new(ish) year, old passions.

There are many things in this life I am passionate about…wine, sweatpants, laughing fits and carbohydrates. Far outpacing those items, however, is my love for animals (my husband is a close second, and he’s okay with that.) Big, small, two, four and eight legged, feathers or scales, stripes or spots, I really don’t discriminate. Naturally, I enrolled in …

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well hot dog.

The dog flu has returned to the Anti-Cruelty Society here in Chicago, and to say this is a bummer would be an understatement. Dog adoptions are suspended for 3-4 weeks until the virus is contained. While this is hard for the animals, it means even more diligence and work for the staff. The good news is …

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black is the new black.

So much has happened, where even to start? February is already short, but throw in three family birthdays, valentine’s day and some foster kittens and it’s all a blur. With the dog flu and everything going on, it’s tough getting out to the shelters. Lucky enough, the shelter has come to me! I’ve (temporarily) adopted three …

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