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Before I begin this post, I wanted to send my heartfelt sympathies to the wonderful people of Vegas. We all have stories and memories of this city and this senseless act of violence is not okay. To find ways you can help, you can visit this link.
It’s hard to come back from things like this but I think it’s important to continue to spread love and I love helping animals. I will always choose to believe that love will drive out hate so here we go.
Not only am I a fan of Taylor Swift, like the post title suggests, but today on The Rescue Runway, I’m talking all about when you know you’re ready for a pet, namely a dog.The reason this post is so timely is that my friend recently confided in me that when she got her dog, she didn’t totally consider all the aspects of ownership and now she’s forced to find a new home for her dog. Additionally, I heard from an acquaintance that a friend of hers gave away their kitten because they didn’t have time for a cat. The final blow was when I heard about a couple who had recently adopted a dog, broke up and gave the dog away.
After working with and volunteering at shelters for the past 10 years, I see so many dogs come in from owner surrenders. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard not to judge the owners, but it’s useless to waste my time and energy on it. Instead, I want to work to help people make better decisions when considering adopting a pet and ensure that more animals don’t end up in shelters.
Now you may be thinking, Christine, you don’t have a dog so how do you know when the right time is? Well, you’re right. I don’t have personal experience with getting my own dog, but I do know how much responsibility dogs are because they’ve always been a part of my life. I also consulted staff about reasons dogs are returned and did a bit of research before writing this post. Oh yeah, and, I have two (ridiculous) cats. So there.

The first thing and biggest issue to consider is do you have the time? It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people surrender their dog because they didn’t have enough time to care for them. Do you have an hour a day to walk them? An hour a day to train them? If you’re getting a puppy, I hope you don’t love sleeping and are okay with getting up every two hours to let them pee outside. Dogs, and more so puppies, require a lot of time and patience, make sure you aren’t short on either.
Another main reason dogs end up in shelters is because of lifestyle changes. Landlord issues and moving are common reasons listed on intake forms. While it’s hard to know exactly what life will entail (I’m still figuring it all out) you should be aware that you will always have to consider your pup in future decisions. This includes getting a kid-friendly dog if you want children eventually or making sure your building doesn’t have any breed or weight limits. Sadly, many landlords and buildings have breed bans (don’t even get me started) so make sure that you’re okay with basing your living situation around your pup.
I can’t stress this enough but holy expenses batman. Pets are not cheap. Read: They very freaking expensive. The first week, we spent $650 at our vet to make sure our little Cheese was okay. Spoiler alert: he was fine, just being a drama queen. But all joking aside, food, treats, trainers, a dog walker and vet visits add up quick. Make sure your bank account can take the hit. Set up a budget and see whether you are able to put that money aside every month to care for your dog before you bring him home.
Another no-brainer right here, but make sure everyone in your family (two and four-legged) wants another pet. Be sure to talk about the responsibilities are and have everyone agree on their role in caring for the pet. If you have another animal already, talk to your local vet or read this post about introducing pets to each other. You don’t want to have to return an animal to the shelter because two family members didn’t get along!
Lastly, if you have commitment issues, pet ownership is not for you. Dogs generally live for 10-15 years and cats for 14-18 years. Perhaps consider a goldfish. So if long-term relationships aren’t your thing (and no judgment here) I would encourage you to pass on that puppy. The one exception? A senior pet. There are plenty of golden-aged animals looking for homes, so if you’re not able to commit to a decade, consider enhancing the final years of a senior’s life.

Obviously, there’s no magic formula that I can give you to determine whether or not you are ready to adopt a pet. Ultimately it’s your decision but it’s a life-changing one and a decision you should give plenty of thought to. If you really want hands-on experience, offer to babysit a friend’s pet. It’ll quickly help you realize the amount of time and energy pets require and whether or not you are up for the challenge.
When did you know you were ready for your first pet? Were you surprised by the amount of work involved? Let me know in the comments below!



Both of these dogs below came to Anti-Cruelty Society because of owners who weren’t able to fully commit to owning a dog.
The first man is Chop and he’s just as goofy as his name. Chop is an adult Pit Bull mix that was surrendered because his family had landlord issues. He was one of four dogs in the house and the family had to give one up. This makes Chop extremely dog friendly but of course, he wanted to keep his things to himself so he has some food aggression. He’s pretty chill and loves to cuddle and takes treats super gently. For all the deets on Chop, click here.
If you know me, you know I have a thing for Huskies. I also have a friend names Kai which makes talking about this sweet boy slightly strange. Kai was found as a stray on the streets of Madison and Ashland right here in Chicago. He was never claimed by an owner and such a shame that is because look at this stud, it’s no wonder he already found his forever home! Congrats Kai!


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