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Rescue Confessions: Olive

I’ve been teasing this for a bit but it’s finally ready to go! Welcome to the newest series, Rescue Confessions! This new chapter of Rescue in Style is a way to create a community amongst my readers and those who are interested in adoption. By sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between, Rescue Confessions …

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how removing labels is saving lives.

Looking for information on the DesignerShare Fundraising collaboration for Anti-Cruelty Society? Scroll on down to the “Style” section! But then come back here and read this post! It’s a good one 😉 As someone who’s grown up around dogs my entire life, it’s second nature to identify and label them based on their breed. It’s …

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breed spotlight: chihuahuas

I have to admit, I’m really feeling the creativity lately. After the relaunch and rebranding of my site, Rescue in Style has become an outlet I believe in. I also believe in ending sentences with prepositions and nobody can stop me now. Before I get to the breed spotlight though, I wanted to highlight something …

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