The biggest mistake new kitten owners make

Well, here we are in month four of a global pandemic. Three foster dogs (well, two and a quick visitor) and nine kittens have kept us somewhat sane. Yesterday was spay day for the latest litter, unfortunately, one of the four kittens, Danika, was too tiny to get fixed. So, she’s now with us, as a solo kitten, while she puts on a few more grams. 

Having a single kitten has been eye-opening. While its hardly been 24 hours, the change in her has been wild. Since Roni & Cheese are not the most welcoming (read: downright rude) to kittens in their space, we’ve had to keep her separated. Danika screams when left alone, insists on playing rough, and wants to run around for hours. While we look for a friend for her, I’ve been trying my best to keep her entertained, but I’ve know learned firsthand what I’ve always preached: do not adopt a solo kitten. 

When people come to me asking where to adopt a kitten, I always jump into my never-asked-for spiel about why I strongly encourage them to adopt two. Almost immediately, I can see them cringe. Two kittens?! But I really only need one. False! You want one, but you need two. 

Here are the reasons why adopting a solo kitten is not the best idea:

adopting one kitten

Bite/Play Inhibition

This is probably the biggest one to note. When kittens play, they play rough. They’ll bite/kick/scratch each other mercilessly. Luckily, they have thicker skin, so it’s not as harsh as it appears. However, through this playing, they learn how rough is too rough. If a kitten bites another too hard, they’ll hear about. They learn how to play appropriately and more importantly, not to bite.

This type of playstyle helps them grow into cats that know not to bite their humans. Kittens that bite? Cute. Cats that bite? Not so much.

Less boredom

Having at least two kittens will help occupy their time. Kittens love to play, so having a buddy will keep them from messing with things they shouldn’t! Trust me when I say, it makes your life a million times easier having two kittens. They’re not constantly begging to play with you or ruining your house. 

Sleep easy

Kittens don’t care about your beauty sleep, they want to play at night. If you have a single kitten, chances are high she’ll come find you in the middle of your sleep cycle and jump on your head. With two kittens, they’ll play with each other all night and leave you to get your much needed Zs. 

adopting one kitten

Less work

I know it seems counter-intuitive that two cats would be easier than one, but I can assure you that is the case. You won’t need to spend your whole day entertaining, socializing, and training. Sure, there might be a touch more food and, poop, but certainly not an exponential amount. They can share toys, litter, and cat trees so it’s really not a huge cost difference either!

Better adjustment

Kittens will do better if they have a friend with them during big life transitions. Whether bringing them home for the first time, moving, or a trip to the vet, they’ll find comfort in having a buddy!

Give current pets a break

This also comes from experience, but if you already have a cat at home, it doesn’t mean they want to be your new kitten’s playmate. Older cats especially won’t put up with kitten antics so another kitten will ensure your resident kitty isn’t too upset!

Bonus: I think this goes without saying, but it’s double the cuteness too 🙂

When I foster a litter of kittens, I can go about my day almost as usual. They hang and play and entertain one another. Solo kittens are much more work! Take my word for it and when you add a feline friend to your home, make sure you add two 🙂

Psst: If you just adopted a kitty, or plan to, make sure you take a look at my recent post about what to do after bringing a new pet(s) home!


Adilyn, Braelyn, and Charlene all have been adopted! Little Danika will be available soon (if Cheese and Roni don’t let us keep her!) but in the meantime, check out the available cats at The Catcade.  


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Adopting one kitten

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