A rescue giving life to dogs in need of second chances.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written! Generally, I like to publish two posts a week but this week has been incredibly busy with both rescue work and my finance job. I’m ready to just win the lottery already so I can pursue rescue full time. I suppose I have to start playing the lottery for that to happen, but that’s a minor detail. Anyways, I’ve also been busy working with new organizations! Today, I get to talk about a rescue that is doing some incredible work for our most at-risk animals.

CPR Fund K9 Rescue has been helping out most at-risk animals for more than 15 years. They started out as a group of paramedics and EMTs who wanted to pull dogs from our overcrowded city shelter. Just like first responders, they give a second chance at life to dogs who really need it. Since inception, they’ve grown to beyond EMTs and Paramedics but they are still saving so many lives.

Now if you’ve never heard of CPR Fund K9 Rescue, you’re not alone. But this doesn’t mean they don’t save a lot of dogs. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In 2018, CPR Fund pulled 92 dogs from Chicago Animal Care & Control. That’s a ton of dogs. For reference, they were the 10th highest puller of dogs from CACC. Not only did they pull almost 100 dogs from our city shelter, they adopted out 150 dogs total in 2018.

It’s a big feat to be pulling and adopting out so many dogs, especially given that they an all-volunteer organization. Everybody who works for them is doing so because they believe in their mission. It also means that they’re doing so much with very little. What I think this means about CPR Fund is that people trust them.  It means they have a huge network of support for their mission. A big group of people willing and wanting to take in dogs that need care, love, and attention in order to thrive.

To further explain my point, let me tell you a story. My friend Margaret Fraser introduced to CPR Fund K9 Rescue through my friend (and fellow amazing animal advocate) Margaret Fraser. Margaret has worked in animal rescue for quite some time and is very savvy. Recently, she noticed an urgent dog at CACC named Endyia. After contacting many rescues, CPR Fund was one of the few who would listen to Margaret’s pleas for help. She got a freedom ride, new name, and a foster home a few days later. She’s currently Margaret’s foster dog and she’s perfect.

In the end, this is what drew me to CPR Fund. They don’t shy away from the tougher dogs or ones that everyone else has looked over. Those dogs are their favorite. They’re able to move quickly when urgent dogs are in need. Because of their committed fosters, they are committed to saving lives, just as their first responder founders imagined.

Please “like” and follow CPR Fund K9 Rescue on Facebook and Instagram. Should you wish to make a contribution, you may do so here.


Hacky Sack – This boy was hours away from being put to sleep when CPR Fund stepped in to save his life. I couldn’t believe it when I met him either because he is the sweetest boy I ever did meet. He loves giving kisses, snuggling in laps, and just chilling. It’s now official today and he’s now in his forever home with his foster. Congrats Hacky!!

Take a peek at all the best boys and girls that CPR has available for adoption. 


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All photos: Josh Feeney Photography


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    1. Right?! They’re really doing some wonderful things for our most at-risk dogs. I can’t wait to continue to watch them doing amazing things. And thank you!! I felt like such a diva in it and loved it haha

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