A new rescue helping divert animals from the shelters

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with It’s All About the Paws. They are a relatively new rescue so I was thrilled to learn more about their organization and how they are helping animals in need.

What I noticed immediately when I met with them is that they are truly focused on the most at-risk animals. It’s All About the Paws takes in animals directly from owners, and diverts them from the shelter. At a time when shelters across the country are filling up, this is such a crucial service. But this is but that’s not what makes them special. This organization takes in dogs that most rescues would turn away.

A lot of rescues don’t have the capacity to invest the time and effort required for dogs that need more behavior support. Thankfully, It’s All About the Paws has teamed up with Falkor and Rescue Friends, a positive reinforcement trainer, to give dogs more support. The founder, Steve Schwarz, takes the dogs into his care while he works to build their confidence and reward positive behaviors.

On the day of our shoot, I was blown away by the connection Steve had with each of the dogs. You could see the trust and bond they developed by working together. There was a mutual level of understanding and respect that is fundamental to any canine-human relationship.

Together, It’s All About the Paws and Falkor and Rescue Friends can care for the dogs in their program that truly need help. They are a much-needed resource for dogs that are otherwise out of options. I’ve seen far too many dogs come into shelters with some sort of strike against them only to be euthanized.

Whether it’s a dog that doesn’t like other dogs, or a dog that needs a child-free home, It’s All About the Paws is willing to give them the time and chance to find a good fit. It also doesn’t mean these dogs are bad dogs, it’s generally quite the opposite. These dogs are usually the ones that communicate the best with humans around them. We just often don’t listen to what they’re telling us.

I fell in love with each dog I met for different reasons. Millie was outgoing and energetic and wanted to be your best friend. RJ was goofy and ridiculous and handsome and heck. Perhaps Star was my favorite though, her gentle and quiet soul resonated deeply with me.

I am so thankful for the work that It’s All About the Paws and Falkor and Rescue Friends are doing. I love that they’re taking their time with the dogs in their program. They are focused on ensuring each animal (they have rabbits too!) in their program gets the proper health, behavior, and mental support needed to thrive.

If you’re looking for a rescue that goes above and beyond for the animals in their care, I can’t recommend this organization enough. Thank you It’s All About the Paws and Falkor and Rescue Friends for the incredible work you are doing!


Star available for adoption through It’s All About the Paws

Star – I mentioned her above and I’m certain her perfect family is out there. This sensitive lady starts out as timid but warms up and would enjoy a quiet home to call her own. She would do best as an only dog but is such an easygoing lady. I would love to call her my own and I know someone is going to be very lucky to call her their own.


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All photos: Adventure Satos

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