2018 UltimateGift Guide for Cat Lovers

Have you ever experienced a 90-degree temperature drop in one day? Well, I can safely say I have! I got back from Costa Rica where it was 95 plus humidity and heat index. You can imagine how cold it was when we landed on Sunday night. Overall, vacation was lovely and relaxing. Lowkey though, I love the cold weather and I was happy to return to the windy city. While being away was so nice, I love being in Chicago around the holidays!

Speaking of… last week I brought you my dog lovers gift guide (it’s pretty great) and so today, it’s part two! I put together some of my favorite cat-themed items because, well, I am a crazy cat lady at heart.

You’ll notice a little something special on the guide this year… my very own Feral Female sweatshirt! It’s officially launched and I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I got them. It’s lightweight, yet cozy and oh-so-soft. If you need me, I’ll be hibernating in it all winter long! So I’ll stop babbling and get to the goods!


1. Custom cat art – I only recently discovered and now I’m obsessed with Clementine Studio, a local artist who does custom pet portraits. Anytime I can support a local woman-owned business, you know I’m in!

2. Coffee table book – I am not good at buying home decor, but everyone needs a coffee table book and Cats on Catnip is a must for any cat lover. Andrews Marttila created this work of art and he does a lot with feral and rescue cats!

3. Pro cats tee – Maybe it’s because we’re labeled “crazy cat ladies” but women who own cats are pretty damn cool. This tee speaks to many things I support and being Pro Cat a pretty cool group to be a part of.

4. Cat pillow – Because if you live in a house with cats, chances are you need to replace a pillow (or two) throughout the years. I love the pop of color and simple design of this pillow. Purrfect for any cat lover (sorry I had to).

5. Bath bomb – It’s cold out (as mentioned above) and if you’re a cat lady (or gent) chances are, you enjoy reading while soaking in the bath on a cold winter day. Well, this cat bath bomb from Lush is the best addition to that scenario. Soak up sista!

6. Cat Bingo – I mean honestly, who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Throw in a few dollars and wine and you’ve got yourself a night of action (in my cat lady opinion). The fun twist on the classic game makes it even more hilarious for cat aficionados!

7. Feral Female – It’s HERE! My latest merchandise item that I cannot stop wearing. Buy it for any animal lover on your list (because there are feral dogs out there too!) and a portion of the sale goes to support ALIVE Rescue 🙂

8. Cats of Pilsen Calendar – Speaking of ferals, my friends over at Cats of Pilsen put together a calendar of the community cats that live in Pilsen. A portion of the proceeds goes to Chicago Cat Rescue so you know it’s a great cause!

9. Coffee Mug – Anything with a pun in the morning is okay in my book, especially animal related. I love this mug because it’s both beautiful and so real. Nothing like a kitty and a cup of tea to relieve my stress!

10. Phone Case – I hate my current phone case so you can bet this one is on my Christmas list. Kate Spade knows how to make things cute without over doing the cat lady vibe. Keep your (or your friend’s!) phone safe with it!

There ya have it! My favorite cat-related gifts for anyone on your list! So if you were thinking of getting me something, now you have all the ideas!


Dennis – This little dude is the perfect gentleman and loves to snuggle and be toted around wherever you go. He’s super snuggly and came in through CRISP. He’d love his very own forever home for Christmas! Find out more about this peanut here.

Yam – ALIVE decided to rescue a dog on Thanksgiving and this is the one they found. Yam is a very goofy, wiggly, sweet girl who does well with other dogs. She’s only about seven months old so she’ll need someone willing to help with puppy training. Yam loves treats so that shouldn’t be too hard! For more information about this little one, click here!


Of course this is my very own Feral Female sweatshirt – if you haven’t yet figured it out, you can shop it here. 25% of the profits are donated to ALIVE rescue so you can shop and feel zero guilt! I paired it with some cropped jeans and booties but I wear it daily with leggings and sweats. Shop the look below!



All photos: Margaret Rajic

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4 thoughts on “2018 UltimateGift Guide for Cat Lovers”

  1. Christine I’m LOVING the sweatshirt!! Dennis and Yam are so cute and their names are amazing. Human names for dogs always kills me ? hope they find forever homes soon!

    1. Yay!! I’m so glad you like it – I don’t change out of it… ever. It’s so soft and warm but also lightweight so basically it’s perfect haha! I also love human names for dogs!

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