2018 Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Well, it’s here! It’s officially the holiday season and I’m here for it. Happy Hanukkah to my friends who are celebrating! Like every #Basic girl, I love this time of year and I’m very into the fact that Thanksgiving came early this year so we have one more week of holiday cheer. Whatever holiday you plan on celebrating (or not celebrating), I have scoured (literally for hours) the internet finding the best presents to gift. It’s up to you who you want to gift them to (I always support gifting yourself).

This is the first of three, yes, three(!) gift guides that I’ve put together for you. This one is for my canine-loving friends. I found items to gift almost anyone on your list. I’ve already purchased several of them for friends and family!

Before I get to the guide, I really quickly wanted to thank Tooth and Honey for sending me these PJs for shelter pups! Little Peanut loved his pajamas and sported them so well. Tooth and Honey creates pajamas for pit bull type dogs. I’ve obviously included the PJs in my guide, but they’re an incredible organization giving back and raising awareness for so many dogs in need. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go do so.

Now! Without any further delay, here is the Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers!

1. Treat Dreams – Treat Dreams is one of my favorite companies. They were one of the firsts to ever send me anything and their mission aligns so well with mine. I wear their sweatshirts on repeat (ask my husband) and they are so cozy! Bonus: they support animal rescue!

2. Welcome Mat – I mean, if you don’t have a dog-friendly welcome mat, who are you? (rushes to buy mine). These mats are great for gifts and add a touch of fun to any home.

3. The Rescue Designs – By far the best gift I’ve ever given, a custom portrait of a family pet will make you the favorite. I love The Rescue Designs and their ability to create beautiful art and give back to animals in need.

4. Coffee Tumbler – The most relatable to-go cup out there. It’s called a coffee tumbler, but whatever you decide to fill it with is your prerogative. It’s made by my favorite ladies at Real Dog Moms of Chicago so your shopping small and giving back!

5. DNA Test – One of my favorite things to do is guess dog breeds and then fail miserably and find out what they really are. Embark DNA Test is the perfect gift for any mutt-loving person on your list!

6. Tooth and Honey PJs – Even if you don’t have a pit bull type dog, you can enjoy these PJs with your blocky-headed friend. My favorite are these buffalo check ones bc hello holiday spirit!

7. Pooch Selfie – If you’re like me, you are constantly taking selfies of dogs only to find they look away when you try to take one. This is sure to solve that problem. This selfie helper is at the top of my list and I’m gifting one to every dog owner I know.

8. Gentle Pit Pouch- You’ve seen me wear The Gentle Pit clothing all over the place, but they also make so many cute accessories like this one. It’s the perfect travel bag for any dog-obsessed person. Plus, giving back is part of their biz model… win/win/win.

9. Coffee Mug – Idk why but this coffee mug makes me giggle every time I look at it. I imagine it’s everyone’s reaction to a morning before their coffee. Hilarious and cute, get it here.

10. Knox Dogwear – Need to match those PJs? Knox is another awesome brand that I’ve worked with. Their bowtie collars are too cute so get yours to ensure your pup is holiday party ready! Psst: Use code “RESCUEINSTYLE” for 20% off!

There ya have it! Be sure to stop by next week for the second installment of Rescue in Style’s Ultimate Gift Guide!


Peanut – This beautiful boy is super sweet and needs someone who understands teenage behavior. He’s got plenty of energy and loves snuggling up on your lap (as shown.) He can get mouthy when he’s excited so someone who can work with him on manners would be ideal. For more information about Peanut, click here.

Bocephus – This dude is as goofy as his name with plenty of love to give. He’s a big, energetic pup that will need an advanced adopter due to his hound ways. He loves to sniff and is very active so a fenced in yard in the burbs would be ideal for this big boy! For more information about this dude, click here.



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4 thoughts on “2018 Ultimate Gift Guide for Dog Lovers”

  1. Love this guide! I don’t have a dog at the moment but I’d still love to wear one of those sweatshirts! And I’m pretty sure I need to get my mom a doggie dna kit for her two rescues. Also, I want that coffee mug because, well, I love coffee and it’s funny!

    1. That coffee mug is my favorite too! And I totally had a Dog Sweatshirt before I had a dog so I support you having one as well. Plus, Treat Dreams gives money back to charity so it’s like, basically saving lives when you shop 😉

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